About Us

About The Bentham Foundation

The Bentham Foundation was inspired by Mick Bentham’s initial visit to Nepal in 2010. Seeing the underprivileged conditions of the local children and the lack of fresh drinking water throughout the country, Mick became passionate about wanting to make a difference.

The Bentham Foundation is a not-for-profit, public ancillary fund, deductible gift recipient (DGR) and is registered with the Office of Fair Trading. The foundation has also been granted income tax exemption as a charitable institution by the Australian Tax Office.

It was established in 2012 by Michael Bentham, owner and director of Certified Roofing Pty Ltd. The establishment of the Bentham Foundation was inspired by Mick’s initial visit to Nepal in 2010. Seeing the underprivileged conditions of the local children and the lack of fresh drinking water throughout the country, Mick became passionate about wanting to make a difference.

The Bentham Foundation has three major objectives in Nepal:

Provide clean water: We build wells to give villages clean drinking water through our partnership with the SkyJuice Foundation. SkyJuice is an Australian based foundation that's a world leader in providing low-cost, sustainable safe water solutions for humanitarian projects. It utilises a unique and proven ultra filtration technology that makes otherwise undrinkable water clean and safe.

Provide funding to meet the costs of running a hostel in Hetauda and sponsoring up to 58 children of the Chepang community. These children will be chosen from those at risk or orphaned with the aim of assisting with education, food and emotional wellbeing.

Provide a sustainable food source. We have two projects to help maintain the children's nutritional needs. 

  1. To build a chicken farm that will provide the children fresh eggs every morning that will maintain protein requirements for each child.
  2. To build a vegetable farm that will provide the children with their daily source of food intake, and in turn will teach them how to provide for themselves.

Our Humanitarian Objectives:

  • To provide safe drinking water to disadvantaged communities
  • To build a relationship and partner with the local communities
  • To provide training and employment to local Nepalese to install these filtration systems
  • To help prevent skin diseases and other water born medical conditions including helping to reduce the infant mortality rate by reducing infant diarrhoea in these villages.

Meet our Team of Directors

Mick Bentham: Founder and CEO

Mick Bentham is the founder of “The Bentham Foundation” and Managing Director for Certified Roofing & Makesafe Tarping. Both companies well known for its excellence and Biblical approach in doing business.

Mick has a real passion for kingdom businesses. He coaches and mentors people on how to implement biblical principles into their business and speaks at venues encouraging all business owners to dedicate their business to glorify God.

Back in 2010 Mick visited several areas of Nepal and saw first-hand how the people lived. With very poor water quality, poor living conditions and malnourished children Mick was compelled to do something and make a difference in some way. With the help of 3 other people he purchased a block of land and has now built a Hostel to house, cloth, feed & educate up to 50 underprivileged children.

Outside of work, Mick is a dedicated family man with two young children Chloe & Jamie. He is involved in humanitarian projects in Nepal with the “Bentham Foundation”, an active member of Samaritans Purse D.A.R.T team & is involved with Red Frogs Australia.

Jake Smith: Associate Pastor, Citipointe Church

Jake-SmithJake Smith is an associate Pastor at Citipointe Church, one of the largest and fastest growing churches situated in Brisbane, Australia. Over the past 8 years as Pastor he has been heavily involved in all facades of Church life. He oversees families and helps build a strong foundation by which the next generation can be raised. He speaks and mentors to men about accountability, stability and vulnerability and encourages them to “Man Up” to what God has destined for them to become.

Lynne Gread

Lynne is an experienced accountant and tax agent having worked in the accounting industry assisting all types of businesses for over 30 years. Lynne has been associated with the not for profit sector for many years and being family minded, is dedicated to improving the quality of life for families in poverty stricken communities. She is married to her wonderful husband John, has 2 children and 3 grandchildren.

Wes Leake

Wes-LeakeWes Leake’s passion is to see kingdom businesses raised up, established and supported in Australia and worldwide. He is very conscious that a new day has dawned in terms of God’s people being equipped to serve God where they are, the marketplace.

Raised in a Christian home, Wes gave his life to the Lord when he was nine years old. Since then it has been a time of growing in God’s grace through many different circumstances and challenges. He watched as his parent’s business went through bankruptcy; saw the family rebuild, only then to face the death of his Mum. He studied accountancy, in some way to ensure that he could learn the principles needed so that his family would not go through what he had. Professionally Wes is a CPA and has held positions with Guide Dogs Queensland, Scripture Union Queensland and was the founding Australian Director for Crown Financial Ministries, Willow Creek Australia and Scripture Union Australia.

Apart from Business Blessings, Wes teaches business and event students at Martin College in Brisbane. He is married to Pam and has four children, Johanna, Bethany, Samuel & Elijah and attends Bayside Christian Family Church where he serves in an eldership capacity.