Improve basic hygiene

Our goal is to build toilets and showers within the Chepang Village to improve hygiene and reduce the risk of disease.  

Clean drinking water

The need for clean water is a major need in most third world countries. In many parts of Nepal women have to walk miles to collect water, often from unsafe sources. This makes clean water a high priority resource in all communities across Nepal. For the Chepang community this issue is further complicated as the […]

Purchase of Land

Today the Bentham Foundation houses 58 children that are fed, educated, housed and clothed, but there’s more that we need to do. Our vision is to build a complete self-sustainable community that will house 500 children with their own school, medical centre, chicken farm, vegetable farm, play areas, running water and electricity. We need to purchase another 3.5 […]

Help feed the village

There are many Chepang villages scattered around the foothills between Heatuda and Chitwan desperate for food. These villages are very remote and can take up to 6-8 hours to reach by 4WD and trekking. These villages have no power, no water, no hygiene facilities and have very little food as the land is very harsh. […]