Help build a new Hostel for more children

Donate money towards the purchase of new land for expansion to build.

Land purchase for major project expansion

Today the Bentham Foundation houses 58 children that are fed, educated, housed and clothed, but there's more that we need to do.

Our vision is to build a complete self-sustainable community that will house 500 children with their own school, medical centre, chicken farm, vegetable farm, play areas, running water and electricity. 

We need to purchase another 3.5 acres to fulfil this dream. This land will be used to build a separate boys and girls hostel (to comply to government regulations), have our own solar panels on the roof to generate electricity, a vegetable farm to feed and educate the children, and a kid's play area/sporting field (foosball). The cost of the land is AUD $150,000 and we need your help.