Safe Water Project: SkyJuice

SkyJuice is a purification system to eradicate the diseases caused from the water.

The need for clean water is a major need in most third world countries. In many parts of Nepal women have to walk miles to collect water, often from unsafe sources. This makes clean water a high priority resource in all communities across Nepal. For the Chepang community this issue is further complicated as the public taps are off limits to them.

Being at the bottom of the cast system and considered as untouchable, the Chepang People are often not allowed to collect water from the public pump. The lack of readily available clean water’s detrimental effect on the Chepang community takes many forms. There is no doubt that it contributes significantly to the high instance of infant mortality (liver diseases, kidney diseases, chronic diarrhoea, general sickness) thereby encouraging mothers to give birth to more children creating additional strain on food supplies. As it is also usually the task of women to fetch the water from mountain springs, mothers often send children to walk for 3 or 4 hours to collect water instead of sending them to school.

The Bentham Foundation Safe Water Project is all about providing safe and accessible drinking water to the Chepang people.



What is a SkyJuice?

SkyJuice provides low cost, sustainable safe water solutions for humanitarian projects, low cost community "Safe Water Kiosks" as well as emergency and disaster potable water units. The SkyJuice Foundation is a not for profit organisation incorporated in Australia.  

Help us find clean water

92% of the water throughout Nepal in contaminated. It is important to find the cleanest water to use as a base, which helps the water purification system work more efficiently. 


Buy a SkyJuice

For only $2,200 you can help give these communities a SkyJuice water filter that provides clean drinking water and stops them from having to travel for hours each day to collect and drink dirty water.