Your Donation makes a real difference

Your donations make a real and lasting difference to the Chepang people living in poverty.

The operation and running costs of The Bentham Foundation is funded entirely through donations.

Your money will go to Food, Shelter, Clean Water, Sanitation, Education, Healthcare and Spiritual guidance.

Through your support of Bentham Foundation, you will have the opportunity to accompany us on Village visits and learn firsthand the difference your support is making for the entire Chepang community.

Your donations will go towards providing the children and communities the essentials they need to break the poverty cycle and build long-term solutions.


Showers and toilets for improved hygiene and health

Safe Water

Eradicate disease caused by unclean water

Shelter & Food

A safe place to call home and essential foods during the cold season


Basic healthcare and disease prevention education and training

Spiritual Guidance

Improve the lives and well being through faith and love

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and change lives for the better

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how I can best help!

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