Kamal’s Story

Meet Kamal

18 months ago I picked up Kamal from the Chepang village 3 hours west of the Hostel. What I saw and experienced was a very frightened and timid little boy who was filthy, scared and looked like he had not eaten for some time.

I noticed his belly was a little bloated and when I offered him some chips he hesitantly took the chips and shared with 2 other boys who were sitting with him. As they scoffed the chips my eyes welled up with tears as I watched them eat.

Now 18 months on, he is a changed boy. Last September he got to meet his sponsor Tracey Burrows and fiancé Colin. This was his testimony whilst we were there…..

My name is Kamal Chepang. I have 3 older sister and 2 younger brothers. I am from a very poor family and my parents couldn’t afford to feed us food, clothes or education. Papa Mick came to pick me up from my home to take me to this hostel for my good education and future. I would like to be a teacher in my future. I like to play cricket. I like to go to school and also I love singing.



“Wow, what a grateful experience to be able to go and meet my sponsor child. He lined up with all the kids and greeted me with a white scarf when I arrived. He was shy and bashful, I wanted to kiss, hug and hold him tight but I understood I was still a stranger to him. Every day I snuck him a Caramello koala and then saw him hide it under his pillow from the other kids. Each day he opened up a bit more. He liked to drum. His smile melted my heart and I so wanted to know as much about his personality but only had 4 days. By the last day he would openly hug me.

How can you love someone you just met? It was easy. A beautiful, handsome little intelligent boy. He took the photo of my children and put it under his pillow. I had their names translated for him in Nepalese. I showed him photos of my life on my phone and the language barrier didn’t matter. I was so sad to leave him but I knew he was in very good care. I wish him all the best and am proud to be able to support him every month”.