Sponsor A Child

Bentham Foundation Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship makes a real and lasting difference to the Chepang children living in poverty. The children that are sponsored by Bentham Foundation are provided shelter in a hostel and attend schooling in the Chitwan District.

The operation and running costs of The Bentham Foundation is funded entirely through donations. Your sponsorship will save these children from exploitation and break the poverty cycle.

Sponsor a child for $65 a month to change a life forever. Your money will go to Food, Shelter, Clean Water, Sanitation, Education, Healthcare and Spiritual guidance. Over time, you will be able to build a life-long relationship with your sponsored child by exchanging pictures and letters and learn firsthand the difference your sponsorship is making not only for your child but for the entire community.

Before and After Sponsorship

Kamal at age 9 and age 10 ½





Rama at age 8 and age 11